Full Stack Web Developer

My name is Dan Henderson, a full stack web developer, currently based in Brisbane, Australia. I have been building websites and web apps for many years for some well known Australian brands, using a variety of technologies, platforms and languages.

What I Do

Front End Development

Front end development has matured over recent years, but semantic markup, CSS3 that gracefully degrades, and maintainable and performance driven JavaScript still provide the basis for developing for the front end. I am a believer in mastering plain JavaScript, before extending using libraries such as jQuery or MVC frameworks such as AngularJS where applicable. I also consistently use CSS pre-processors such as LESS and Sass to write modular and maintainable CSS, more effectively.

Back End Development

My early days developing for the web were using the .NET platform, with C#, but over recent years I have focused more on open source technologies. This has mainly been PHP and MySQL based platforms, including CMS's such as Wordpress and Symphony CMS, and frameworks such as Laravel. I have studied relational database design and am confident writing complex SQL queries to monitor or update data.


Understanding tools and processes that aid development has become imperative. I often use front end task runners and dependency managers such as Grunt and Bower respectively. Source control is also impoerative, and I use GIT on a daily basis. I have experience working in Agile environments, as well as working with more traditional Waterfall based processes.

Development Principles

When developing a site or application of any size, there are a handful of principles that I strive to adhere to at all times. These include writing code that is maintainable, modularised, scalable, and testable among other other things, while always striving for the perfect performance sweet spot. I have always had an interest in understanding and appropriately using different programming paradigms such as object oriented, functional, declarative and other programming principles.

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